Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are Rahm Emanuel and Ben Ray Lujan lovers?

Oy vey, I want my money back.

For all the gelt I gave him and tsoriss I went through campaigning for him I now feel like a lokh in kop (hole in the head). Better I should have voted for the Goy.

I voted for the shvartz because I thought he was a mensch. I thought he would be glaykh (even) in the Holy Land and around the world. But his appointment of Rahm Emamuel was like a zetz to the kiska. Did you hear what his terrorist father, Benjamin Emanuel, called Arabs? FLOOR CLEANERS. Oy gavalt!

With the appointment of Axelrod, Emanuel and Ron Klain it seems the whole mishpocha is there and it also seems like it is “Gai kakhen afenyan” to the Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians and peace movement in Israel (delicately translated: go jump in the ocean).

And now it looks like we get a yenta (Clinton) for Sec. of State and a luftmensh for President. I think it is totally fercockt. What is Obama giving the Arab-Americans, the American Peace Movement, and the Latino-Americans? Gornisht!


At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your asking what Obama is giving the illegals? Answer: everything he can.


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