Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ben Ray Lujan and the Death of Democracy in a Government Town.

Cove and U.S. Representative Ben Ray Lujan.

I like the guy. He's sweet and slick.

After all, Ben Ray Lujan allowed me in his office and managed to dodge or slip every question.

He never once told me anything I didn't already know. He never once declared his beliefs except about being one of the sponsors of pro-gay and lesbian legislation.

If there was one time when Ben Ray Lujan spontaneously broke into a smile was when I told him that I had a picture of he and Rahm Emanuel. That smile was a 'tell.'

While requesting the appointment I had told the nice progressive Jewish brilliant young lady aide to Representative Lujan that I wanted to talk to the Congressman about Israel and the use of American taxpayer's money to kill Palestinian children. And what was remarkable was that this particular aide and her long time friend Herb Cohen were both in somewhat agreement with me about Israeli extremism. Herb ( of the Steaksmith fame was on Ben Ray's calendar next. Before me was Peter Komis and before him was Jose Villegas. Cohen, Komis, and Villegas ... real polictical animals all and all real Santa Feans.

(To be continued.)


At 4:46 PM, Blogger graycat said...

Hi Cove

Years and years ago in Coventry, NYC, Providence, etc. seem like yesterday and yet time passes and it's 40 years later.

Glad to see you doing good things.

Corinne - cls9@netzero.net


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