Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was talking to a fellow time traveler friend of mine, Rachel Rubin about the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.
I was describing Teske, Self Proclaimed Idiot Savant and Star Map Maker. Teske knew that all memories resided in some place or thing, That someplace was "Media." Teske also knew the names of every visible star to the naked eye. Being a "Trekkie" like myself, Teske knew time travel was forward as well as backward ... maybe at the same time.

I collaborated with Teske on "The World's Largest Marbleized Planetized Star Map"

The thing about living at the Living History Center (Faire site) was that "here and now" of it all was the farthest thing from time travel.  I mean, the interactions were real life like when someone bit off Lumpy's ear in a drunk fight. Or when during the Faire, in character, I was forced to buy 20 staff members (guards) mead for passing out a seditious flier or for being a loud mouth at the fencing booth.

Thing like marbling, fencing, backgammon ('tables') and of course food were both the 'flavor' of the faire as well as circuit to take traveling time.


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