Monday, January 23, 2012


After 50 years of being a Democrat and a political activist I am now a Republican and believe as the Jehovah Witnesses do ... that is, people should not vote. Worry about the Government of God not the Government of Man.

Your vote doesn't matter in fact it just encourages power and authority of rulers who don't care what you think.  The people of this Country and culture will never change it.

The citizens and those living here are so controlled that it renders we humans incapable of stopping the  mass collective evil. We still think that we are the heros of the world for stopping the Nazis or the Commies or the Muslims when in reality we are the pigs  ... a little more equal than other people. 

Face Book and the internet are the new junk heroine of the people.  Media, smart phones, social networking, and a sick obsession with politics will prove to be the our downfall. 

We are told to cheer for the murder people in Libya, children Gaza and Iraq and anywhere else where our greed takes us. Although I would never take part in violence, I will never condemn violence against this country because of our murderous nature. 


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