Sunday, November 25, 2012

Renaissance Faire, Hand Pies another Well Met

Hand Pies
Hand pies at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire were as the hawker (myself) would say "tasty little sandwiches you can hold in your hand as you walk the Faire." Or as Jack coined "Hand Pies make you wise."
The Hand Pie booth was magnificently primitive looking as were the hand crafted grilled sandwich makers.  The business of food service is serious. The business of the Faire is "Pleasure" so being a participant and living on the Faire site ... the pleasure came after-hours.

Google image search  Renaissance Faire and you'll find nothing but daytime clean white images of digital perfect abstracted Renaissance Faire. I think the counterculture wanted to be in the future for the change that would happen and wanted to live in some imagined past for the back-to-the-country simplicity life style.

Living in the huge wonderful Gypsy camp call the 'Faire site' during the run of the show was insanely cool. Inside the Faire grounds at night can not be describe easily. Yes it was a set but it felt so real at night. out in the large parking lot it was more like a trailer park but inside there was no electricity and limited fire and not that much battery powered light. It felt like I was in the future on a Starship 'hallow deck' in a super believable computer recreation of well-to-do renaissance community.
Cove as John of Coventry, shopkeep and "Tables' (Backgammon) player

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