Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bill Richardson's Cuba - Phil Schiliro's Santa Fe - Obama's orders

Bill Richardson in Cuba trying to secure release of a U.S. spy. Richardson gives the 'Helping Hand" (Hand Pi) sign.
Bill Richardson has been long known for a giving a helping hand in securing release of U.S. citizens being held by what Bill Clinton called the "Bad guys." "Send Richardson," Clinton said, "The Bad Guys like him." But the Cubans wanted more out of Obama than he could offer. Phil Schiliro, Obama's chief Head Counter, knew nothing that Obama could openly offer would get by Congress. The Cubans made a counter offer of a third helping of beans for which the former U.S. Secretary of Tortilla had just had to refuse (pictured above).

Bill Richardson has spent more time in Wilderness Gate the its newest heavy Phil Schiliro.  Steve Flance, Mayor David Coss and former Gov. Richardson would hang out at Flance's pad. They didn't spend much time listening to another Wilderness Gate resident, fabulous composer - the late Peter Lieberson and his wonderful opera singer wife, the late Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. At least in Wilderness Gate its true ... "Only the good die young."

With only fifty lots in Wilderness Gate I think there are more lawyers per acre than Santa Fe in general ... and that my friend is saying something.  Hollywood lawyer,  lawyer for Thornburg, lawyer from Houston who became President of the neighborhood association ... hows that happen?
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