Friday, December 28, 2012

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan and his Dad

It was a real lesson for me. Being an asshole just because it's fun and one can easily do it ...WILL come back on you.

I started the day spamming the Internet, trashing people ... old John Coventry flamer style but with new skills and juice. Mocking my neighbors and old political easy targets, shooting to the top of Google searches with easy. Most of the shit I hurled was at the Wilderness Gate neighborhood, former Governor Bill Richardson and Congressman Ben Ray Lujan ... and I am sorry.

G-d blessed me with instant Karma. I went to Kaune's store. I was going to buy some milk but I noticed all the police cars in front of Round House and flashed on it being the memorial service for Ben Ray Lujan's father Ben Lujan Sr.

I spoke briefly with the Congressman about his father and I was humbled by the humanity of dealing with one father's death and a deep grief that lasts even if the passing was a while ago. The grief and guilt is made so much harder when you are public figure.

I crossed the street back to Kaune's where chilled from the weather and the harshness of life I joked with one of the workers that I really didn't want to buy anything I "just wanted to warm up."  And again I was humbled when I saw a 'homeless' friend of mine and his old dog Butterball.  I ask Dandi if he needed a ride. Dandi lives in a 8 ft. by 8 ft by 6 ft high place on public land up by Wilderness Gate. He had just gotten out of the hospital after a 10 day near critical battle with an infection.

Dandi related how after passing out in the Library his dog try to protect him from the EMT people that came to help. I recalled I was on the plaza more then 11 years ago when he got the dog that over the years has become a real "service dog." When Dandi went into the Hospital the dog was put into the animal shelter. As he told his story I was internally overcome by memories of Red Ted and his dogs, Richard (dress man) the poet, and one-eyed Ted ...  all 'homeless' people who died and had spent time living in the mountain open space near Wilderness Gate.

I thought about now homeless Jerry who I had worked with at the Census. He lost his house recently to a questionable eviction. The fucking cops had come to his house after being told by the housing authorities that he was in the house illegally. They hauled him off to jail. While locked up his dog of 11 years was sent to the animal shelter and put down because it was "un-adoptable."

After giving Dandi a ride 'home' I went home and prayed.  I prayed I stopped wasting my time on the computer.  I prayed for a focus away from ego and illusion.  I prayed that I can help in some way.


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