Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jody Schiliro and Fat Bill himself.

When Phil and Jody Schiliro party they party with the right people. Bill Richardson, Steven Spielberg, Blair Underwood, Ari Emanuel and his gay brother Rahm, Katie Couric, Michael Bloomberg, and Colin Powell ... and that was just one dinner a few years ago.

What can they look forward to as far as party animals in Santa Fe? Fat Bill is still here (sometimes).  Tom and Jill Udall, an older and duller version of Schiliros, are still here.  Rahm Emanual comes every once and awhile to see his boy friend Ben Ray Lujan. Johnny Depp just left after buying up all the local kind bud.
Wilderness Gate is not really that hip. It was at once when there was a direct connection to both Rickey Nelson and the artist Christo at the same time. But I'm sure the Schiliro will soon enjoy the elitist self-engrossment of Wilderness Gate for themselves and add to its glorious whiteness. At least John Coventry is dead and gone ... the fucking sicko.


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