Monday, December 17, 2012

Phil Schiliro and Valerie Plame ...OMG!

A simple notice about Jody Schiliro, wife of Washington D.C. heavyweight Phil Schiliro, in my neighborhood association newsletter was a clue.

Nominating Committee Report
New neighbor Jody Schiliro is interested in joining the board, and the Committee is
recommending her election at the January Annual Meeting to replace David Franklin, whose
term will be ending.  Jody and her family moved to Wilderness Gate this past summer, from
Washington, DC.

 The last time I got a clue was when Valarie Plame, I swear to G-d, was the campaign treasurer for my opponent for the Santa Fe School Board.

Philip Schiliro was huge and invisible in Washington. What the fuck is he doing in Santa Fe?


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