Monday, December 17, 2012

Phil Schiliro - Obama's man in Santa Fe

Phil  Schiliro
Santa Fe is sort of a Washington insiders' safe house. Phil Schiliro and film maker wife Jody have moved from Washington D.C. to spook central - Santa Fe, NM. They have taken up residence in the Wilderness Gate subdivision, a long time home to a full spectrum of politicos and shady purposed influence makers. From Nixon's Undersecretary of State Chuck Robinson to Gov. Bill Richardson main money man Steve Flance. In Wilderness Gate even some of the 'normal'  folk are suspiciously well placed, like the newcomer director of the "community" radio station and the owner/barkeep for the CIA and cop hangout restaurant.  U.S. Senator Tom Udall lives on the dead end road leading to Wilderness Gate as did Udall's father Stuart Udall.


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