Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rachel Rubin's Book and Heide Moore's air head.

 Did  Well Met: Renaissance Faires and the American Counterculture author Rachel Rubin ever read Dave McGowan's Inside the LC series. Laurel Canyon, Renaissance Faire Commies, Military Intelligence, and a controlled 'Counterculture' ... NOW that's more like it Rachel Lee Rubin.

The shaping of the Counterculture did not come from The Byrds, Momma and the Papas, David Crosby, Jim Morrison, Peter Torkelson, Frank Zappa or blacklisted left-wing commie actors. The "shaping" of the "Counterculture" was done by acid and the government. The creation image of Hippie may have been fabricated in the Laurel Canyon nexus before its planned opening in San Francisco's Haight but hippie image and style had nothing to do with values of the so-called counterculture.

Ms. Rubin start her story of the Renaissance Faire and the Counterculture in LA's Laurel Canyon.
Pop culture was not the revolution of the sixties. Nothing that came out of Southern California had any lasting influence on the underground or the old left except for greed, shallowness, and cultural mush.



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