Thursday, January 10, 2013

House On Fire - Richardson, Google and Korea.

As kids we would played a school yard 'social networking' game we called "Truth, Dare, Consequences, Promise, Repeat or House on fire?"

Each of the categories or 'games' within the game where meant to embarrass another kid by getting them to saying something stupid or do something funny or revealing.

House On Fire was a choice game, sorta a 'who do you like better' girlfriend/boyfriend question.
The premise is: There is a House on Fire. There are three people in the house. One of the people you can carry to safety, one person you can throw out the window and the third you have to leave in the house to burn. The three people are  ____, _____, and ____.

 You try it. The three names are Bill Richardson, Google, and N. Korea.

For those of you who doubt the true 'Axis of Evil' is really  Google, Facebook and Twitter,
look who went along on trip... the former State Department implant and head of Google Ideas (now there's an oxymoron), Jared Cohen.

And if Bill Richardson is there then you can bet your sweet ass this trip is about energy and China not fucking cell phones like it was with his disastrous Cuba trip. Remember Wen Ho Lee? Remember Richardson is still associate with Kissinger's group.

O.K. back to the game House on Fire. Although I like him the best of the three choices  (Richardson, Google and North Korea) I don't think I could carry Bill Richardson down a flight of stairs. The best I could do for Fat Bill is push him out a window and hope he lands on something cushy (like an ambassadorship). My feelings are so strong about Google that I would carry North Korea to safety and enjoy the incineration of the evil empire of Google.


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