Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Schiliro Gate

Phil Schiliro interracial legislative lover leaving to white Willderness Gate
Phil Schiliro should be investigated for moving to Wilderness Gate, Santa Fe. The all white luxury sud-division has never had a Black or Asian resident and more astonishly for New Mexico no Hispanic sur-named families.

From Shirley (Parker) McClain on down, no minority families in Wilderness Gates for its over 40 year history.

My beef with Phil Schiliro and Wilderness Gate has to do with them coming into Wilderness Gate, my hood and like as newcomer dissing me dude. It's like Obama's rough boys in Hawaii would ask before mixing it up with some haole (howlie) ..."What, you like beef?"

The entire Obama administration including his legislative staff sold out the left. WTF it's true. I don't fucking care because Rahm told me it was going to be that way. It's not like anyone can do anything about anything anyway ... except digitally.

Phil Schiliro cruises from White House to white Wilderness Gate.


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