Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tom Ford, Phil Schiliro, Shirley McClain ... being white is hard.

Living in the white part of Santa Fe is very stressful and I am so unworthy. Going home I drive by Tom Ford's place on the hill, past the old Carol Burnett home now owned by Shirley Parker McClain, up past Senator Tom Udall's  to Wilderness Gate and all the stingy honky rich folk who collectively have never done anything for anybody.

Now don't get me wrong Wilderness Gate resident Chuck Robinson, who I really like,  was Kissinger's former Under Secretary of State gave 7 million dollars to the neighboring St. John's College. Also there are many honorable Wilderness Gate environmentalist like Hollywood lawyer Chuck Scott and newcomer Phil Schiliro who really care about trees, trails, bunnies and maybe some humans.

Wilderness Gate has its annual Home Owners' Association meeting is this Sunday and the most wonderful part is no matter how big my mortgage debt is or how much of a traitor I am to my race ... they have to let me in to cast my vote for Jody Lenkoski Schiliro who at least by now must dislike me.  What fun.


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