Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hillary the Hawk and Birdie Sanders

Don't just vote for candidates, vote against candidates and do it with vengeful purpose and a releasing joy. If there are candidates running for a lesser office who are not supporting your candidate DO NOT vote for them, vote for their opponent. NEVER vote for the sake of Party "unity." In politics a person who is a real competitor cannot be a good loser. 

Don't worry about 'wasting your vote' on a second choice when you can use your vote to hurt the candidate that you dislike the most.  Everyone knows in this day and
age your vote doesn't really matter, especially here in New Mexico where the fix, the rigging, the stacked deck politics are so entrenched and yet are so invisible. Just have fun with the system … vote crazy just for the heck of it.

Say the Central Committee for your Party is the one stacking the deck against, say Bernie; then it is your obligation to know which of those insider elites are running for office or which candidate they are connected with and then work for those elites’ defeat.  Then again, Bernie and Democratic Party elites may be in on the big scam plan to dupe in new/young and foolish/old voters to become Party robot voters.

Never vote for a candidate because of a Party's platform. Platforms are meaningless. Never think a losing candidate has any influence on the winning candidate’s policies or agenda. If Bernie ("Birdie") endorses Hillary the Hawk you can bet that he and/or some foreign country like Israel were in on the con from the beginning.  Movements aren’t movements unless you have some place to move to. Revolutions don’t happen unless you go all in.

For years I have worked to 'get out the vote' and there is nothing different now except that I want people to vote defensively rather than offensively. If it is Trump vs. Clinton vote AGAINST whomever you think will get us into wars. Vote without thinking about what has been said by the candidates; only vote what you feel. I promise you, if you feel anger, voting against Hillary the Hawk will not only give you a great release and joy, it will be the only way you can vote for the concept of peace. 


At 10:11 AM, Blogger chas said...

John Lennon would never vote for super-authoritarian DT. Remember what Nixon did to Lennon? That's what DT will do to anyone he feels like doing it to.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Danny Cabeza de Calabazo said...

John Lennon would not have voted for Hawkish HC. He hate violence. She was very comfortable with using it in her diplomacy.


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