Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Armed Love", quote the MotherFuckers.

To live one must love
To love one must survive
To survive one must fight!

-The MotherFucker-

In the wake of San Francisco's "flower child" era there sprang up groups that were anything but flower children.

As many times as Fat Bill Richardson has told the story of his meeting with Saddam Hussain, I've told the story of me being in the music business.

As a Hippie I used to sell the Berkeley Barb and the Berkeley Tribe newspapers on the streets of San Francisco in front of the Playboy Club in North Beach. In order to make tips I would start to sing, and when someone came by I would stop singing. Putting my hand out I would say, "twenty-five cents and I'll stop singing."

People gave me a dollar.

Silkscreen on paper 1970 copyright Cove S.F., NM

1970 Berkeley Tribe


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