Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Would you buy a book from this guy?

In February, Energy Secretary Richardson announced the Administration's "Initiatives for Energy Security" based on recommendations from the Department's Oil Emergency Task Force. The initiatives include:

Strategy I: Enhance America's Energy Security
. Federal Royalty Oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
. Commercial Storage in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Strategy II: Preserve Domestic Oil and Gas Production Capacity
. Suspension of Production Requirement for Stripper Oil on Federal Lands (Onshore)
. Royalty Relief on Federal Lands
. Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) Crisis Assistance to Independents

Strategy III: Lower Costs of Production
. Problem-Solving Technologies for Independent Producers
. Advanced Technologies for Improved Recovery from Endangered Oil Reservoirs
. Energy Efficient Technologies for Oil Production
. On-line Oil and Gas Permitting
. Administrative and Accounting Relief on Federal Lands

Strategy IV: Improve Government Decision making
. Improved Coordination with Other Federal Agencies
. Dialogue with Industry, States, and Congress

Richardson, a former representative from the oil-producing state of New Mexico, has won praise from many millionaires in the oil patch for his attention to the problem.

Recent Past:
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson reports that instead of drilling 35 gas wells and 70 oil wells in New Mexico's fragile Otero Mesa we could generate the same amount of energy by investing in about 110 wind turbines (EIA CA Natural Gas, Ferguson 2003).


At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fat Bill is calling a special session of the legislature so they can approve his "gas tax rebate" aka cheap "buy the vote campaign.

They'll be too busy to take up the issue of impeaching the State Treasurer. Comparatively it ain't that important anyway. Right?

NM Pols are corrupt and cowardly.

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