Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chapter Two: Dollar Bill Richardson "My hands are clean."

Tagging someone with a name says more about the person than just addressing them by their 'real' name. Check the comment section of the free on line version of Presidental candidate Governor Bill Richardson's home town paper the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Eli Chavez, Eric Scott (Edge), Donado Coviello (Cove) and others frame their arguements about "Richardson for President" by the name they call him.

David Lopez starts by calling Governor Bill Richardson "$Bill." Then Eli, a former CIA employee, calls him "Gov. Lopez Richardson" and Cove, of course calls him "Fat Bill." It doesn't matter what Eric "Edge" Scott said because his post were delete by the Wed Ed.

The 25 word link "story" generated many heated comments and yet the fund raising story produced few comments at all.

And finally ... just because Democratic Presidental candidate Gov. Bill Richardson landed a role on TV's "Law and Order," Republican Presidental candidate John McCain demanded "Equal time." The producers of the polular show gave McCain a small role as a "Gay TV gameshow host."


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