Thursday, December 13, 2007

Patti Bushee vs. Miguel Chavez ... And the Loser is ...

When it comes to the battle between City Councils Patti Bushee and Miguel Chavez I don't know who the winner is but the losers are Santa Fe's artist.

Miguel wanted to get an indoor municipal "Art Space" at the Railyard. The Council got the State Legislature to give one hundred and fifty grand. Patti started calling it a "City Gallery." The Councilors found a space for it near the Railyard Park and appoved in concepts $300,000. The City was going back to the Legislature this year for another $150,000 making the budget six hundred thousand total.

The City paid for a survey that showed visitors coming to Santa Fe wanted to buy "Made in Santa Fe" arts and crafts. The tag line for the survey was they would rather buy "one item of quality rather than a suitcase full of trinkets."

On the same night that the council approved the directionless Plaza vending ordiance the City, with Patti Bushee at the lead, shot down the Railyard arts and crafts 'Mercado' losing $150,000 dollars from the State while granting the Plaza vendor trinket program 5 more years of monopoly.
I think the winner might have been Patti Bushee but for sure the losers are the real Santa Fe Artists.


At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Lisa Silverman said...

Patie BUSHEE: best lesbian name ever

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous SICK OF SANTA FE "ART" - AND "ARTISTS" said...

"...the losers are the real Santa Fe Artists"

"Hi, I am an incompetent no-account who is terrified of getting a real job. Instead, I make "art" that a kindergarten teacher would sneer at. Obviously, I will starve if left to my own devices. Can you just give me $150,000 or so, and the title "artist", so that people will believe I have some talent, no matter what their own eyes tell them? Thanks. By the way, the City of Santa Fe owes me big time!"


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