Friday, March 07, 2008

The Last Entry

This is the last entry for Fat Bill and Me.

I don't exactly know where I go from here.

I think I may go back and fill in and repost all of the 300 postings as if it were a novel. I think I deleted some of the post out of fear and some out of embarrassment at the poor quality. I will be looking for the changes that have occurred in me because of this Blog. I will also be looking for a new subject, new process and new "action theme."

There has been some growth in my skills including the way I title picture and spam the site and some constraints like the self-limiting of space for photo web hosting. Near the end I cannibalized and deeleted good former post and photos to produce new material.

All this of course is not the least bit interesting unless you're a geek and identify with the Internet. But I will use this last post to debrief and continue to clarify my new direction.

I will, at some point link to any new site I start. I truly appreciate those who commented here and those who made return visits … even if it was to trash me.


Great to hear from you Paul .. I knew it was you. I am working on a blog project called "The Fab Book" and will post a link when I get it up. There will be a lot about our shared time and friends in it. I have told the story but never written about the time Spacely, Teske and I did the Star Trek Convention in Oakland. Spacely ask Leary for his autograph when we met him in the 'Green Room.' I had converted one of his "big shot" photo posters, placing Vulcan ears on Leary, and putting it up on the wall. Leary laughed his ass off. When Spacely asked Tim to sign another one of the posters Leary asked, "who should I sign it to? The normally cautious and sometime paranoid Spacely looked around at the FBI agents that were attached to Leary and he said "Make it out to Paul." It seems Leary misunderstood or maybe on purpose he wrote the inscription To Pol."


At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work, Cove. I for one, have enjoyed reading your thoughts, and seeing your pictures for some time now. As you know, we often "agree to disagree", but you are unfailingly honest, which speaks volumes about your character. Character, I have come to believe, means more than anything else in this world, and you my friend, have it.

I would say "I'll see you in the LSR", but I've been shut out. I'm sure I'll be back soon enough, but until then, good times and full glasses to you.

I know you took issue with my alias of "John Basilone" but I'll tell you here, I "stole" his name under all the best circumstances. I'm not even Italian, (although I DO have an Italian godfather, who assures me that is all I need...)but I'd bet that you yourself never heard of Basilone until you Google'd his name and found out. So think of me as a guy you provided you with a way to find out about a GREAT AMERICAN who you otherwise may never have known anything about. John Basilone is my all-time favorite American hero. He could have chosen the easy path so many times during the war, and each time, he chose to do the right thing instead.

Yes, I am an ex-Marine, but I served during peacetime, and therefore nothing was asked of me. My son has joined the Army, and as soon as he graduates this year, he will go active duty. Yeah, Iraq or Afghanistan. As a dad, it hurts. I want to go with him, but I'm almost 50 years old - there's no room for guys like me, and me wife would beat me to death with a shoe if I tried. So I will have to content myself with cheering from the sidelines. It sucks. I raised this guy, watched him grow, watched him become a man. And this is what he wants to do, so this is what he will do.

Unlike me, he has chosen to become a Christian. As such, he does not wish to hurt people. He will be attending the Army's field medic school this summer. Around the time of the election, he'll be off to Asia. They don't train guys to be field medics, and let thenm serve out their hitch in Fort Dix, NJ. I'll miss him more than I can imagine right now. My life as a dad is about to go into overdrive, just at the time that I would have expected I could relax. Another curve ball, from that mean cuss of a left-hander, Mr. Life, huh? I just hope my son will show the same dedication in his pursuits that the real John Basilone showed. He's a good man. I think he will.

By the way, there is no such thing as "poor quality" on a blog, unless you were dishonest in the process.

Anyway, I sincerely look forward to your next "incarnation" what ever that may be.


At 5:47 PM, Blogger moneythoughts said...

Hi Danny,

I was just checking out people interested in politics and came across your blog. I notice you are also interested in art.

I write and paint. Take a look at my blog, you might find it of interest.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question, I was reading what was written regarding the tragic death of Luna Wilson and wonder if anyone was ever caught for what happened? Did the police ever prosecute anyone?

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Danny Cabeza de Calabazo said...

Post Script: I am replying to a question in the comment section and as I said in the blog I will continue to debrief starting right from the beginning.

The answer to your question about Luna Wilson is yes. Taking up where I left the story, we got the street kid (witness) to go talk to the cops. The police picked the Native-American ex-boyfriend of the owner of the store and release him. They followed him for a couple of days and when he was spotted walking around free we called the cops and got the "There's a lot of bobbing and weaving in a murder investigation" quote. The police then arrest the guy charged him with murder. The detective who had the press conference announcing the arrest thanked us for our help describing us as people "who didn't usually co-operate" with the police. Luna's brain was place in a cryogenic state. The murderer was convict of, I believe, a lesser than first-degree murder charge.

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for that update. I had read about her untimely death on Wikipedia as I was looking up the life of her (Wise and missed) father Robert Anton Wilson, however there was no information regarding whether anyone was prosecuted for that disgrace to a young life. I hope her Soul rests in peace with her fathers and mothers. Thanks again for that information. The Internet truly is an amazing medium. All the best from me in Scotland.

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestingly (I think) also as a side note, I had read about R.A.W and the 23 Enigma and as I wrote that last comment and I also note yours before, both contain 23 in the time.

Obviously Coincidance!?

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Fran said...

I feel very fortunate to have made contact with you before you ended this blog. I guess the fates had a hand. One of my cousins was in town recently and was so moved by your having sent the letters Joel wrote, she asked me to thank you for her as well. Please keep in touch as I do enjoy your writing and your art as well.
Thanks, fran tornabene

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous annelise said...

Last month I was talking to someone else who'd been around at the time who said that the guy who killed Luna got just a 10-year sentence.

Curiously I have a newspaper from 1977 printed by the People's Temple. Cover story is how they had just started a mission in Guyana to help troubled kids straighten up. And on the second page is a letter from Luna's mother praising the Rev. Jones for speaking out against the death penalty. That even though her daughter was murdered she was strongly opposed to it.

Life is weird and folds together even more oddly.

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Casey Is God said...

So long Cove.
I'm sorry I found your blog so late. But I'm looking forward to perusing your re-cap and the past posts.
I was looking forward to post about Spacely (I lived with him and Bobby on Russell St. a long, long time ago). And Teske, too. I recall him as a genius that I rarely appreciated back then but remember fondly, now (thankfully, most memories are fond these days).
Do you want me to look for the pictures of you at Clover and Henry's? I know they're around here somewhere.
Love and best wishes,

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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