Thursday, January 08, 2015

Super Pi Day

I was tempted to use the most annoying headline hit bait ..."10 Things To Know About ...",  I didn't. But  even Super Pi Day comes from a Facebook page about the once-in-a-century 2015 Pi Day and its numerical designation 3.141592652358.  The host of the page added 58 to the digits to represent the fraction of a second on that day March 14, 2015 at 9: 26 and 53.58 seconds.

Pi Day is a seriously fun national celebration.  From San Francisco, its birth place, to Princeton, NJ where the related Einstein's birthday (3/14) is celebrated,  educational creativity rules the day as does the tasty play on words - pie and pi.

There are 'Pi Runs' ( 3.14 miles or Ks) and pi processions, with each person carrying one number in the unique and unlimited sequence of pi.  'Math is fun' is the energy behind Pi day, as is the desire to 'help' as shown by the many home-grown Pi Day charity 'Pi(e) Sales' and Pi Day dashes, runs, and walks that there are across the country. On March 14th there are 'pi discounts of 3.14% and contests that payoff in 'pi dollar' denominations from $3.14 to $314.15.

 Pi products are big business on the Internet.  On E-bay,  hundreds of tee shirts, jewelry items, ice cube trays and other pun-filled new items are listed daily under the heading "pi math." While a few years ago a group-funded six plane skywriting team raised tens of thousands of dollars to sky write the first one thousand digit of pi over Berkeley, California. And of course the newspaper titled their photo of the event "Pi In The Sky.'
But the best and most simple intentions of Pi Day, beside having fun, are to help educate kids and share pi(e) with people. As with all endeavors, having good intention is good but having good values and character are better. Take "Pi Day NM" and its Zia sign logo. A royalty is intended to be paid to the Zia Pueblo and to the State of New Mexico dedicated to education, and all profits from Pi Day NM are going to food banks.


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