Sunday, March 22, 2015

"The Insanity of Politics"

I've been working for the New Mexico State Legislature as a staffer on the House side. It was my first year yet I continued to say and mean, right to the end, that I was the "happiest guy in the building."
What has clearly happened is that I feel somehow freed from politics ... maybe.
The people I met and worked with where truly amazing.

 Not that there haven't been torturous times, and when I say torture I mean real physical and mental torture as defined by Google.

The quote by NM State Representative Miguel Garcia that is the title of this piece comes from the Santa Fe New Mexican in reference to 'abortion' so-called debate. But it is the show in the committee room or hearing room where the best and sickest of sadomasochism team torture politics occurs. That is when, while confined in a room for hours and hours, a hundred people from the "public"on one side torture a hundred people from the "public" on the other side all the time it's being streamed for your viewing pleasure on your smart phone.

I must say that I once thought that words could be used to change another person's mind on a political matter. Forget that! But words can, thank God, be funny. Take following from a road survey from southeast New Mexico ... mind you, the questionnaire is asking about road condition.

"I own a trucking company in southeast nm, n Im tired of our state only taking care of the north part of New Mexico. I understand the north is all run by liberals, enviromentals, animal rights wackos. But the south brings in more revenue n spends less than the north.  I hire 30 employees n they all from Texas. I wish people in the north would get off of unemployment n come to work in the south. Its a disgrace having to support them. While they just sit back n try to put us out of business.  Example. The pit rule. The lizard. The prairie chicken."

I actually I think 'politics' could be defined as  "words spoken disingenuously."
Say there is a certain Representative that comes from a one kind of district in one part of the state and yet they champion issues that are counter to the demographics of constituents. The words they speak are brilliant and true yet what good do words do if you don't like the person speaking them. That alone, the judgement, dislike or intuition about someone is also politics and has to be let go. As well, winning or feeling you won, the upside in politics is dangerous business.

"Bitter End" is one way to put.
Maybe 'A new beginning' is a better way to look at it.


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