Saturday, January 02, 2016

"Politics ain't beanbags,"

Online venting doesn’t mean anyone’s listening


Steve Terrell got that right but not because of the reasons he stated in his New Mexican column.
When one goes to the linked article in the New Mexican you have to click on the 'Discuss' ("powered by FaceBook") button to see the other readers' comments or make a comment yourself.
Although I wrote the follow as comments on Steve's column on the New Mexican web site you won't see them:

Ward Shrake
Steve, maybe people in this state don't feel that ANY officials EVER listen to them or their peers -- hence not writing to them, at their offices. Hence going to the web with any comments, since you'll at least know your fellow peons got the message.
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John Coventry ·
As a fellow peon would you please reply if you see these word. If any of my New Mexican chat room (comment section) friends or detractors see this post please respond by insulting me.
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John Coventry ·
Your words seems strangely and wonderfully hypocritical and ironic yet so timely. It is even more wierd to be writing this via FacePooP because you don't read comment on your stories and I know that FacePoop wants me to think that my words are being actually being SEEN ('heard') when if fact my words aren't being seen so they can't be heard.
I will now access the New Mexican from a different eMail (server) and check to see if I use my wife's FacePoop sign in whether my comments are visible.It was that way in the news stories about New Year eve in Santa Fe I'm sure it true here.


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