Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NM State Democratic Convention 2016

 The last time I went to the NM State Democratic convention was as a delegate for Jesse Jackson and
the Rainbow Coalition. The keynote speaker was the then Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. This time I ended up going as a delegate for Bernie Sanders and didn't even stay to listen to Governor Dan
Malloy of Connecticut do a keynote speech titled "What it means to be a Democrat." Having lived in Connecticut, what it means is that you are probably a Republican at heart.

 There were so many Bernie supporter delegates compared to Hillary's that the Democratic State Central Committee cancelled the Presidential straw vote that was planned because Bernie would have kick her ass. Santa Fe County Democratic Chairman Richard Ellenberger was looking worried ... how the fuck was he going to
keep his job as Santa Fe's chief ass kisser? "Chairman Ego" or NM House Minority Leader, Rep. Brian Egolf wouldn't even venture onto the convention floor no less visit his Santa Fe home delegation.

The Party regulars, elites, and 'Super' Delegates (elected Democratic office holders) are trying to shut the Bernie supporters out of the process yet not piss them off enough that they will bolt after their girl wins the nomination.  But to show their discontent for not being allow to have input on the platform The "Feel the Bern" delegates voted down the proposed platform for the first time
that I can remember.

Of the local Bernie people polled 1 out of three stated they would NEVER vote for Clinton. I must be the one tenth of 1% of Democrats that won't vote for Clinton that would vote for Trump instead ... just for the fun of it and neutralize Richard Eeeeeeeds' (radio liberal) vote while I was at it.

All the New Mexico hotshots from the former Governor 'Fat Bill' Richardson, Sen. Tom Udall, down to the Mayor of Santa Fe and Richardson's protege, Javier Gonzales, are supporting Hillary Clinton. Gonzales had a hard time choosing between Caitlyn Jenner and Hillary finally made up his mind and picked the dumpy Clinton over the more attractive Caitlyn.

 Politics in Santa Fe and New Mexico has changed.
Fat Bill Richardson isn't fat.
Rahm Emanuel doesn't come around no more.
'Big Oil'  and the State of NM are broke.

The Land of Enchantment and the City Different are now Bernie Country.


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