Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Honesty is Power ... Feel the Fix

 Fat Bill and Me is about politics and Santa Fe but I'm not invested in the politics as I told one of my handlers, Ebru. She said, "That's good because they'll eat you alive."

 That being said ... who the fuck is Paul Gibson?
Yes, I know Paul Gibson is the ruler of the santafe4bernie cult. And yes I'm voting for Bernie in the primary and I would love to be a delegate to the National Democratic Convention for Bernie Sanders just to 'Feel the Fix' up close and personal.

The odds of getting selected to be a delegate to go to Convention are greater then winning the NM Lottery Roadrunner Cash. Of the 43 allotted delegates 8 are super delegates and 4 are the stupidly named PLEO's (Party Leaders and Elected Officials) leaving 31 delegate positions open to regular Democrats. Those 31 delegates are divided into three Congressional districts and a few at-large delegate so in district 3 ,where I vote, we have 8 delegates, with a mandated 4 women and 4 men breakdown distributed proportional to the primary results. District 3 encompasses many counties and hundreds of thousands of Democrats. A wannabe delegate has to then go through a two-tier election; ward election to state convention and then State convention election to national convention. Oh, of course Bernie or Hillary has to personally approve of you to be their delegate.

 But back to the rude government consultant from Berkeley, California Paul Gibson and Bernie Sanders' use of the word "Revolution." First fucking all, my Berkeley and the actual revolution that occurred there are not the same as newcomer Eldorado implant Gibson's or Bernie Sander's view.

And secondly Donald Trump is right that the political system is rigged, "stacked" and fixed. Thank G_d Jon Hendry, Fat Bill and I all also know this to be true.


At 11:50 AM, Blogger David Martinez said...

Cove, I'd be laughing my butt off if the convention was in NC.

At 4:14 AM, Blogger JC Haywire said...

And finding out what was done to Sanders behind the scenes--the exact conspiracy he was describing to a half-believing audience--makes this all the more depressing.


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