Monday, August 01, 2005

Chief Lennen says "No Mob in Santa Fe but..."

Chief Lennen says there is no Mob in Santa Fe but Tom Arnold is filmimg "Three Wise Guys" at Rt. 66 Casino and has been spotted in Santa Fe.

While recently beating me with a rubber hose, she told me that it was my mouth that was getting me in trouble. I told her I know and it just cost me a"fity" for bad mouthing the United Way.

Walking down Marcy St. I ran into City Councilor David Coss who would not comment on whether our current Mayor Larry Del Jello is awake yet.

We talked about the problems associated with DOGS in Santa Fe. A candidate for Mayor himself, Coss said when dealing with dogs it came down to a little "enforcement." Coss being a man of few words nailed it with one word.

Ortiz Park Reprint

The real estate market has gone to the dogs like everything else in Santa Fe. I blame the dogs themselves. If people ate dogs rather them treat them as royal pet people might be able to pay rent or buy a house.

When Ortiz Park was being establish, petitions were being passed around to allow dogs off leash not only in the proposed dog park but everywhere in the City.

People signed the petition stating how many times a week and how many miles they drove to have their dogs shit on just this one piece of public land. Out of the 350 signatures on the 23 page petition the average frequency of their visits to the dog park was 6.5 times a week and from an average distance of 2.99 miles away or...13,604 miles driven every week to have their dog crap at Ortiz Park.



At 9:39 AM, Anonymous cliff said...

Danny, I can remember my grandmother of Las Vegas, NM, dressed in her church clothes and shooting wild dogs with a 12 guage shotgun. The dogs were attacking her chickens and livestock.

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