Thursday, October 13, 2005

Radio Judges

I ran into Judge Bill Dimas at McDonalds.
We had a couple of laughs about the "old days." Not when he was a City Councilor and not when he was a cop but when he was on the radio.
Like Judge Encinas and Judge Fiorina who were both on the air, there is something humanizing about doing radio.

"You know, someone offered me a job in radio," Judge Dimas said. "I retire next June and I was thinking of something to do a few hours a day."
Screw that, I thought; you love it. And rightly so.
Dimas, looking young for his age and strong, had a wonderful Texas Hold-em look to his face when I asked him about his political direction.
"What about a Council seat?" I asked. I didn't quite get an answer so I raised before the flop and asked him about Fran.
"How could the City let..." Dimas continued, on a line that lead me to interrupt and answer an unasked question.
'Because you're not bringing in the money she is," I said.
"I guess."
"I guess. I fuckin' guess."
I wish I could continue the poker analogy with the "turn" and the "river" but Judge Bill Dimas has a lot of people that want to talk to him and one of them, a nice Spanish lady, just walked up to our McDonald's table.
While he was slightly distracted by me leaving and the lady approaching, I caught the judge opening his mouth without thinking.
I said to him, "I'll stop by and have you sign my petition for Governor."
"You bet," he promised.


At 8:38 AM, Blogger David Lopez said...

Cove, I will probbly vote for you, if you promise to drop the water surcharges...

but if Judge Dimas were running for mayor, you could kiss my vote bye,bye. The Judge is exactly the no-nonsense, take no shit person that Santa Fe needs right now.


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