Monday, November 14, 2005

In The Machine

I was waiting in the area between the coffee house and the Garcia Street Bookstore where Fat Bill was signing his book.

Not exactly waiting, I was trolling for signatures on my petition for Mayor. People in line are always a captive audience.

Governor Large was surrounded by an army of operatives. For that reason alone, I didn't bring my attache case of political crap since it made me look like Abu the Bomber. And Fuck it anyway, it was his party.

Santa Fe City Councilor Carol Lopez was one of the first people in line.

She is one cool lady, no matter what you think of her politics. We have a common love of Frank Zappa. Councilor Lopez had two books for Fat bill to sign. One was for her son, I think, who had grown up in measured increments in family photos with Governor Richardson.

Fat Bill has "rabbit ears." Not physically but in baseball terms. When a pitcher listens to the razzing from the other team's dugout, he is known to have "rabbit ears." At Fat Bill's book signing, everyone with him, including Udall's daughter, knew me. How lame is that? And how do you talk to your Government anyway?


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