Monday, February 11, 2008

Taking A Break

Fat Bill and Me is/are taking a break for a couple of weeks. I/we will be back with a new direction with more videos. We are doing more with YouTube, BlipTV and Public Access Community TV, Santa Fe, NM.

Fat Bill and Me started with a hard look at Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and with an interaction with an on-line chat room hosted by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper. We have always been interested in the "convergence" of media, pushing the envelope of free speech and personal story telling.

The growth of blogs that has occurred in the last few years that I/we have been blogging is really unbelievable. My spell-check, only a couple of years old, still tries to correct me every time I use the word "blog." I want to return with posts about Space Lee, Teske, Zia, Clover and Henry, Olaf O'laugh, Vanessa, the Pleasure Faire, and much more.

With God's will, see you on March 1.

Clover and Henry


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