Saturday, March 01, 2008


Looking at the P.O. Box with scratches I felt very strange thinking of her putting her key into that very lucky numbered address. I had been coming to Hawaii for a number of years and had I known she lived that close to where I had been staying I don't know whether I would have tried to contact her or not.

Sitting on Joe's patio I could practically see the street she had lived on. It was right near the Community Center and Holy Ghost Church. They had changed all the numbers on her streets around that area just off the already very fragmented Lower Kula Road but I am sure it was basically the same.

I had wanted to talk to her for over two years now about a comment I had made on a video that used her image as well as mine. It was an arrogant declaration for dramatic effect and since the videographer decided to cut in her image I felt it gave the impression I was talking about her.

I complained about it because the thought that my stupid remark might be taken as an insult festered in me for a year. When I told the director I wanted to contact her about the video he said I just wanted to see her for other reasons not the question of copyrights or misunderstood content.

Posting on the Internet has opened my eyes to whys and what-fors of blogging. I have come to believe it maybe the most irresponsible, useless, self-center and dangerous thing one can do. With it, like the past, I must just let it be.


At 4:36 PM, Blogger visitor here said...

No, I don't agree with just letting the past be. There are people who care about Luna & Star & the people & milieu through which you all moved & did your dance of life. There are people such as I who owe karmic debts they might like to pay. I know I owe Bob for writing Cosmic Trigger the way he did, but I also know Bob came to feel he should have made that book about Luna, that he owed her the literary immortality that had been within his powers & so, from his debt to her & mine to him, I wish to remedy his lack. Everything you know is stuff that matters. The name of the shop Luna worked at, the experiences that drove Catherine Star to flight, the jokes people made to each other back then & why, I urge you to spill it all. This would greatly help me, & it would honor the people you loved.
Mark L. Vines


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