Friday, August 26, 2005


While the rich little pimpled face Fat Bill Richardson was jeking-off in Middlesex School in Mass. I was chasing Army recruiters out the Student Union Building in Storrs, Conn.

Back then I knew alot of preppy Massholes like the young lard-bottom future Governor Fat Billy Richardson must have been like. It was before the drugs and hippie days but something had already changed in me.

Back then,most of the friends I had then including the Tribe and the rock band NGC4594 ranged from those who where against in Viet Nam war to those who were violently opposed to the war.

Michel on the left during a protest take-over of the Administration Building University of Connecticut.

Amoung my outlaw friends of that time, David (pictured above ) settled in England. He recently wrote:
"People will tell you that 60's are back, on the rising sales of flared trousers and knee high boots, or other such marketable icons, another Stones tour etc: such semblances are easy to reproduce, especially when no one knows what the hell it was really about in the first place. (Buddy of course, in his favourite quote of the times courtesy of 'Mr Natural' would say, "It don't mean SHIT." Hahahaha!) But the truth is, these times - or the best of them as I perceived them, which in fact still stand up well, even if raw and not actually workable - have not come back. They were a prototype. Works in progress etc, in which there has not really been much work in progress since. More's the pity. People generally still do not get it. Just look at the assholes who have the power. What can they do but reflect the flimsy and impoverished aspirations of us all that keep them there?"

We where down.

Fat Bill and Me was down for a week.
Injuries occurred.
Thank God none dead. But like a round through Maya's leg.