Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dead Space II

I have been out there. Both in active/passive outer space and hellish dead space with the New Mexican. I can't link you to the nasty encounter because has purged and sanitized any mention of the pissing match we were in. Don't believe me geeks; try to find "Robin M. Martin" filthy rich white women.

But Sharpe is alive and cool, although I don't know what's up with him in this photo. He was working at the Reporter at the time so God knows what he was expecting enter in his mouth. I also just discovered the Sharpe/Yelsky connection.

In the file photo below reporter Tom Sharpe, reading the Republic de Santa Fe, talks via cell to Judge Tom Fiorina live on the radio airwaves. I had just been chased out of the New Mexican after ambushing Terrell with the famous "perverted sex" interview. Since the law allows anybody to sell any newspaper in the middle of any street... I chose in front of the New Mexican to sell "The Republic de Santa Fe."