Sunday, March 05, 2006

My husband Cove

My husband Donado Cove Coviello is audacious and independent and fearless. When faced with injustice he just can’t keep his mouth shut. It is no wonder that his hero is the Champ, Mohammed Ali.
Cove is an artist, and as long as I’ve known him, his life has been shaped by art and politics. It is his nature to be totally engaged in anything he does, and his focus is fierce. I’m always amazed at how present he is in every situation.

My husband loves Democracy and considers Santa Fe to be a Major League in a sport called politics. His drive to be engaged and dialogue with government is relentless. He really believes that one person can make a difference, whether it’s writing a letter to the editor or running for public office. He loves Santa Fe, and loves to promote the City. We hadn’t lived here too long before he organized a world wide Marbling Conference that brought people here from twenty-two countries. And not too many other people would think of having a Chess Tournament at the intersection of Don Gaspar and Water Streets, with kids holding umbrellas being the full size chess pieces.

We’ve been partners in our business for 30 years. I’m always amazed how good he is at thinking on his feet, and how broad his base of knowledge is. Cove’s ease with all kinds of people just comes naturally to him. He tries to add a certain flair and good spirit to whatever he does. He feels it’s everybody’s personal responsibility that if they see something wrong to do something about it. I’ve seen him defuse lots of situations by his mix of strength and humor. Cove brings people together by bringing smiles to their faces.

Cove was a substitute teacher in the high schools here for five years, and clearly saw the incredible need to try to make a difference in even one kid’s life. He always did more than was expected of him, and could relate to the kids in a natural and easy way. His generosity of spirit brings out the best in people, and he has a wonderfully inclusive nature. One of our employees described him as having a “heart of gold

Underlying everything my husband does is a core of serious concern for what’s going on in the world. Maybe it’s being a Libra, he has a need to be fair… the perfect attribute for a good Mayor.

Maya Blue