Friday, April 14, 2006


"I met Joe Poet on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. I was selling marbleized pieces of fabric we called 'Fabs.' We being everybody on the street."
Yelsky and the "everybody" that was there at The Pink really didn't give a shit. Marbling on the wall of the little cafe near Round House or not, nobody cared about Cove's old hippie days. Marbling is fabulous; Look at these picture... my fucking stories are always interesting and"At least I not talkin about Iran."
"These little French donuts, as you call them, are more interesting", said Yelsky, Cove's handler, ending the conversation.

Colo and Cove in front of Fabs on the Ave.
"Famous Joe Poet...pornographer" Cove drank some coffee and continued, "was a poet and he was a little famous but he wasn't a pornographer." Looking down at the type written relic of some bygone graphic time Cove just started reading from The Fab Book.

"Marbling is a four dimentional (4D) concept in a 3D model reflected on a 2D surface. It is a map.
Imagine cutting the Universe in half and filming it straight on. Marbled prints are a frame of that film."

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Fab Book: Joe The Poet

The Fab Book: A Fiction...Chapter #1

Disclaimer: Joe Poet gave me permission to use his name and writings from that era.
Famous Joe the Poet gave me permission to use his name but I'm not sure he gave me permission to use a picture of him giving the peace sign.
The actual "Fab Book" is in parts and is in boxes resting at maxium entropy. Its story and pictures are a record of a frozen frame of time... just like marbling.
Enter Joe Samberg, Famous Joe the Poet, Country Joe and SuperJoe; as well as Groovy, Spacely, Teske, Sunday, Colo, Olaf, Miller, Star and Luna, Drips, many other famous and not so famous people and stories flow together like hippie marbling.
All people are real albeit with some name changes. Also, once in a while I lie.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Joe Samberg's Photos

Nothing brings it back like photos.
Not smell nor music nor nor art nor media (stuff) ... can hold memories like black and white images.
I knew Joe Samberg had published a book of photos about Telegraph Avenue . But seeing the pictures of my friends, some gone some still around, I just let out a howl.

Pictured above are (left to right): Sunday with the late Groovy Bewildered Dead and the late Kathy Dee. All celebrating a new "Fab" on the "Av."
As happy as I was to see Joe's black and white images I know nostalgia is the worst form of depression. It is the place we are most vulnerable. But it is the best place to start the "Fab Book."

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Crystal Dog Set

At early color Xerox postcard from Berkeley's fucked-up '70s era just popped out of the pile of media. Its pre-computer graphics were made with a disappearing technology like "Presstype."

I still have remnants of that time. They are in the form of memories and as what Teske would call "media" or as George Carlin would call... "STUFF".