Thursday, November 22, 2007

J.C. Warfield Saves Not Only Governor Bill Richardson But Also The WORLD!

Lt. John "J.C. the Ladies Man" Warfield (left) apprehends an Alien assassin after Governor Bill Richardson.

I first met J.C. as he was leaving Trader Joe's when I was collecting signatures on a petition to run for Mayor of Santa Fe. He caught my attention because he wasn't carrying any bags of groceries. He had nothing in his hands.

I knew J.C. Warfield's name from blogging on the New Mexican's web page. In fact because of an online "bet" that I had made and lost to him, I had a strange sense he was assigned to play me 'man to man.' By Whom? I'm still not sure.

That is the thing about the The Lost Souls' Room. You are never sure who is who; for whom they work and why they are in the room.

When I first met Warfield was Warfield I gave him a hug and flat stated "I thought you were a product of my imagination" or something like that. We talked a couple of time in 'real life' after that, the last time was on the Plaza. Warfield was walking with another close-cropped guy when I called out to him.
"Hey J.C. ... What do you do?
"As little as possible."
"I thought you were a cop", I declared.
Looking toward his partner then back to me ... "Other people have said that."

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Marbled Kennedy

Cove's Lost Souls Room Breakdown.

How does one become a Lost Soul? How does one end up in the The Lost Souls' Room?

Cove says that after forty years he gave up smoking pot because of the Lost Souls' Room. Not only that, he gave up porn. He says that the intermingling of the 'story of Edge’ and the story of 'missing Romero boy' and a video interview about his hippie days caused him to blow his mind. All three events triangulated in the two-bit chat officially called

Cove calls himself a political activist. For a while he was known for his letters to the editor at the Santa Fe New Mexican. When introduced to him, people would inevitably say "oh yeah, you're the guy who writes the letters." So when the internet came along and the newspaper started to allow comments direct under a news story on e-edition of the paper ... Cove was in hog heaven.

Cove interviewing former Mayor of Santa Fe Debbie Jaramillo


Cliffy, or Cliff Baldo Pills as he is sometime called, is a relatively new member of the The Lost Souls' Room. He denies it but he knows with this operation it is 'once in ... in for life."

When Cliffy started to mouth off about "deporting" all Mexicans from Santa Fe he knew he had to get someone to watch is back. So Cliffy called his old buddy Phil. Instead of helping Cliffy and ICE, what happen was Phil got iced.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost Souls' Room ... Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

Former Santa Fe Police Chief Bev Lennen ... A Lost Soul.

The Chief ... Bev Lennen.

My newest name from the Chief is The Bevilator. A combination of her name and her role in The Lost Souls' Room ... Bev and facilitator.

Cliff Waldo Mills on abolishing the "mean spirited" Santa Fe Plaza vending program.

Santa Fe street vendor on the Plaza.

One candidate for City Council, Cliff Mills, recently wrote to the supervisor of the City of Santa Fe's Plaza street vending characterizing the program as "mean spirit(ed)” and proposed the whole program be "abolished." In a letter to City Supervisor Sev Gurule, Mills said the sellers of all that crap on the plaza had "developed a proprietorial, exclusive and elitist" view on selling their stuff in "public space forever at taxpayer expense."

There is nothing unusual about the characterization of the program except Cliff Mills is himself a Plaza vendor.

In perfect bureaucratic style, Sevastian E. Gurule responded that he "appreciated" Mills concerns but instructed Mills to "refrain from using this (the City's) e-mail distribution" system for his complaint.

Gurule had in the past been forced to return gifts he received from the very vendors that he was suppose to be managing.

Cliff Waldo Mills regularly haunts The Lost Souls' Room.

Bill Richardson's favorite upcoming TV show: The Lost Soul's Room

LSR: The TV Show. The first is a series real life unreality shows that feature Internet chat rooms will debut in 2008. The show follows a streaming video chat room on the front page of the e-version of the newspaper the Santa Fe New Mexican.

The premise of the show is all the participant of a chat room are required to have web cam installed on their computer with their images being streamed in real time while they engage in dialogue in the The Lost Souls' Room (chat room).

Follow the adventure as these eccentric and obsessed blog hounds as they disguise themselves in attempts change identities and fool their fellow bloggers with more and more outrageous lie and schemes.

While alliances are made and destroyed by flaming, baiting and other online fun, you can Watch and find out who are the mystery deleters. Join in at home and become of this whacky but lovable Internet gang of fruitcakes with a chance to solve the who’s who puzzle and win the grand prize offered by Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper

Bill Richardson and the Lost Souls' Room

The Lost Souls' Room is filled with mystery characters as well a known public figures. Like all chat rooms it has its fair share of cops embedded or planted. After the Valerie Plame moved to Santa Fe the Lost Souls room attracted some spooks and provocateurs.

With Governor Bill Richardson being a candidate for President of the United States this little chat room became an interesting nexus of politics. There are Richardson protectors and Richardson enemies. There is a former CIA agent set on using character assassination on our Governor and a state cop assigned to evaluate any real treats aimed at Bill Richardson. And lately there is a platoon of anti-immigration agents using the site for an orchestrated relentless "BIG lie" attack. These specialists are spreading anti-Richardson and anti-Mexican hate.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nurse Ratched

The Lost Souls Room is a book, movie script, bored (sic) game and TV show. It is also a covert government progam.

Nurse Ratched is a anti-immigration paid Lebanese-American spook. Her job is to push the anti-immigration hate spin all day, everyday.

Below, Nurse Ratched points the finger of blame at a mexican immigrant (not shown).

Nurse Ratched

Back in the Saddle Again

They put us away for a while. They locked up all of us for almost a year. As Fat Bill and Me approaches 50,000 hits we have busted out and are ready to kick some ass. We will post some instructions to the entire team of Fat Bill operatives then take two weeks off and be back in operation early December.

While in the slammer we have infiltrated the Lost Souls' Room.