Monday, February 16, 2009

Ben Ray Lujan: U.S Representative from the Closet.

Ben Ray Lujan (far left) shakes Governor Bill Richardson's hand (seated).

When Candidate Obama came to Northern New Mexico to campaign for President he introduced Ben Ray Lujan as the next "rising star" of the State's Democratic Party.

Ben Ray is New Mexico's Hispanic version of a gay Texan Billy Bob. I mean I don't trust anybody who can't decide what his first name is. And I also don't like the "daddy's boy" way he got his job and the way he hides his gayness.

New Mexico Speaker Ben Lujan Sr. and his boy Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (seated right).

My friend Prec has taken offense to the nickname that I gave Ben senior. I have been calling him Ben "the Rat" from the onset of this blog. He has proven time and time again to have earned the name because of his stands that if he were not a Democrat would be considered reactionary. Pro-military, anti-medical marijuana, environmentally insensative, and bureaucratic fat cat patron.

His son, our Congressman, talks a better game but being a former "Corporation Commissioner" he gets big contributions from both Big Labor and Big Business like the pharmacutical and insurance companies. He talks the new green lingo and PC rainbow jive. But when all is said and done he is a Obama lackey with a daddy that lets him speak to the State legislature when ever he wants.

Little Lujan, like his father, gets his support from voters with patronage jobs dished out by the main industry in Santa Fe ... government. And being an in-the-closet gay type who the talks like an environmentalist, Ben Ray benefits from the hoards and herds of poofy politically correct Obama worshippers in New Mexico's "City Different." Little Lujan also benefits from the tradition here of liberals and local Hispanics voting against their own self interest; voting for the devil that you know or who is a distant relative; and the general lack of an opposition political party.

Keep the Tradition Alive?

Ben Lujan senior from a 1980s' campaign flier title "Keep the Tradition Alive."

Governor Bill Richardson (left), his right hand man Ben Lujan senior (center) and Steve Flance (right). The file name for this photo is pork_rat_wombat because the bill they were signing was government pork like Obama's stimulus package, Lujan sponsored the bill that gave free insurance to New Mexico's National Guard (but not its teachers) and Flance used to play in a cover band called the "Wombats."