Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama, Iran, Rahm Emanuel, Big Media and Dumb Americans.

As president-elect Barak Obama used every excuse in the book so as not to say anything about Israel killing hundred of innocent children in Gaza. Obama even sent his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to Israel to help with the bombing of school. There was not one single photo of the more than five hundred dead Arab boys and girls ever published by any major American news organization.

Fast forward to the elections in Iran and the incessant coverage of the west's "virtual project" code name "Lady Martyr." Then look at the way there was little or no coverage of the the Chinese murdering 'their Muslims' ... tell me we are not manipulated.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rabbi Leonard Helman

Rabbi Helman is a great dancer.

When Judge Tommy Fiorina started his 'Turkeys for Tickets' program to help feed needy folks on Thanksgiving he asked Rabbi Leonard Helman to speak at the court about the history of amnesty. And just like the Rabbi always does, he spoke eloquently about the generosity of forgiveness and also to his credit the Rabbi never shied away from things political.

After I was on a TV show (City Confidential) about a tragic murder, Rabbi Helman was the only person in Santa Fe to call me immediately after it aired. Although I didn't show it, I was a little concerned about the repercussions of my public statements on that show. I will always appreciate that call and the strength it gave me.

The photo above is from my wife's Conformation Class at Temple Beth Israel in West Hartford, Connecticut some 51 years ago. Truly, Leonard Helman has been a wonderful influence in both of our lives. Thank you Rabbi.

Rabbi Helman