Friday, November 09, 2012

Hand Pi = Helping Hand + Pi Day

Hand Pi's 'helping hand' ideals stem from the inherent values of the original brand and those people who made it happen. "Hand Pies" were (and still are) a specific grilled sealed sandwiches that were made in a camping type utensil (pie iron). The Toas Tite like "Hand Pie Machine" was unique and way ahead of its time in that it toasted an image of a logo (the hand pi) on the sandwich.

Hand Pies started at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, California in the early 70's. "The Faire" was queen of the then emerging industry of 'theme events.' 

Helping Hand

The universal International symbol for "Helping Hand" is the 'hand pi.'  The Hand Pi logo became a helping hand award in the form of a 'merit badge' during the recent storm Sandy in the Connecticut coastal community White Sands Beach, Old Lyme.

Dear Editor,

For over 85 years my wife's family has had a little beach house at White Sands Beach, Old Lyme. Recently we had, like everyone in the area, an un-invited guest ... Sandy.

I was in Connecticut to close that beach house down for the winter. Except for the big night of the storm, I stayed at the cottage most of the week without power while trying to put it all back together.  Just staying in that beach community was something I could not have done without the help of lots of people ... both friends and strangers.

As it has it, I had brought with me some embroidered patches with the image of a hand and the math pi symbol on it.  The "Hand Pi" patch looks like a Boy Scout merit badge for giving a "Helping Hand" and it seems appropriate as a token of my appreciation to give that merit badge to people who helped me. I don't know the names of all 25 "Helping Hand Awards"  I gave out but I would like to acknowledge some of them:  Ed, Public Works Supervisor and the equipment operators for getting me passage in and out.  Teddy's Pizza on Rt. 156 who's family and workers worked 14 hours a day to feed myself, residents and emergency workers. The firemen who secure all the lose propane tanks.  Ozzie and Abdul for all the hot coffee and supplies. The First Selectman for being at her desk with an open door and personally helping me get permits to dump the storm debris. Peter at Shore and Country Reality for checking on me and bringing me food. The Red Cross volunteers who gave me water and a clean up kit.  John Flowers, Building Inspector who condemned my electrical system and maybe saved my house from burning down. I also gave Helping Hand badges to some neighbors and to two FEMA guys just for being there.

Thank you Old Lyme.