Friday, February 01, 2013

Pi Day NM

I put the little Hand Pi helping hand award label on Mike Cerletti's shirt because if anybody in New Mexico understood the desire to help it was he.

I know that when I approach some big name hotels and restaurants with a planned pi day celebration honoring Mike, they will rise to the occasion.

We, Hand Pi, will ask for the restaurants to donate Pi Day theme pies to our food charity neighborhood fundraiser.

We hope that the restaurants let students from SFCC apprentice in their kitchens for this first of hopefully many future Pi Day NM events.

"pi days" until Pi Day 2013

A "pi day" is a real day divided by pi (3.14).  So if there are 42 day until March 14, 2013 there are actually only about 13 pi days 'til Pi Day.

In my world it 3.14 times as long to do things I find pi time time just about right or even time-saving.

Cerletti Park Cable Show and Appenticeship Program

The Santa Fe Community College and Public Access T.V.  (channel 16) have both offer support for Cerletti Park.

I am especially pleased that the Culinary Arts division at Santa Fe Community  is willing to work with Hand Pi LLC on food and Hand Pies for our first  Pi Day NM celebration at Cerletti Park. Several restaurants including Pasquals' and The Plaza have already signed on to participate in either a local apprenticeship program and/or a donation for the Pi Day Pie Sale benefiting the Food Bank here in Santa Fe.

Public Access Community TV at the Community College has offered help in both documenting student involvement and airing a show about the community effort to clean up Fountainhead Rock.

The City of Santa Fe,  Santa Fe County, and the State of New Mexico all are assisting in trying to help get Cerletti Park started. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

*News Flash ... Tom Udall is Dull.

Santa Fe Reporter newspaper accuses U.S. Senator Tom Udall of criminal dullness.
News: Santa Fe - Senator Tom Udall is dull ... Phil Schiliro dull!

Pi Day 2013 Santa Fe

Pi Day at Cerletti Park

March 14 (3/14) is Pi Day (3.14) and Einstein’s birthday. It is celebrated and recognized in New Mexico and all over the Country. It is a fun and educational day celebrating the magic and math of pi and the food pie.  In Santa Fe, Hand Pi LLC would like to help direct this pun and fun-filled geek and food celebration toward a charitable end, such as the Food Bank or feeding the needy.

Hand Pi proposes an event at Fountainhead Rock as a first step to establishing a neighborhood ‘Helping Hand’ (Hand Pi) organization and a helping tradition (Pi Day). Our goal is to create a mini-park to memorialize Mike Cerletti at Fountainhead Rock Place and to acknowledge the art of Tomas Lipps and all stonemasons. In doing so we will be honoring the history of both the street and the values of the person, Don Gaspar.

The basic idea is to set up a table at Fountainhead Rock and another table set up at one of the various locations outside the Water Street Parking lot during part of each day for a week. Two tables, one for information/organizing and another for demonstrations, activities, games, and a neighborhood bake sale. Some of the named locations are: Turtle Rock, Stone Chess Table, Stonemasons’ Monument, Stone Benches and Fountainhead Rock.