Thursday, December 05, 2013

Patti Bushee Cheats

Patti Bushee is a cheater. Her campaign for Mayor of Santa Fe was damaged by her violating a public financing election law that she wrote.
There was a time I liked the girl Patti. In fact back in the days of Sirus the City Planner and Peter the
City Attorney I start a painting (portrait) from a photo of the three. The smiling trio in front of Tommy Macione's paintings in City Hall was to suppose capture the loving respect I had for the truly
Norman Rockwell's America I saw in Santa Fe at that time.
But Bushee and her prejudice friends got the Iranian/ American City Planner and the "balding" (her prejudice) City Attorney fired. I never finished the oval painting of them.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Rock On Santa Fe: If this weren't so serious it be funny.


Santa Fe Undercover Cop

The drugged out street guy busker carrying lavender as his cover cocks his head sideways and headbutts Cove in the mouth. Cove doesn't go down.  To the right, one of the other street people let out an audible "Whoa!"

"Did you see that?" a dazed Cove asks.
"No one saw NOTHING!" ... somebody says. Cove knew right then that the undercover cop wasn't going to blow his cover just to help a bleeding from the mouth Cove.