Saturday, August 20, 2005

Straight to Hip

Coventry Lake 1964?

Something happened to me before the drugs that made me change.
I don't know whether it was as David said, at the time, talking about some sort of inquirering mind that I was "already out there." Any fucking way, during my pre-LSD days at Uconn I expierced the near lethal bonfire during night of the Cuban Missle crisis speech to the Kennedy assassination while lettering in football.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How did Hippies thinks? Or did they?

I saw Fat Bill Richardson on TV the other night blabbing about "Here in New Mexico we not only support the military but we embrace it." And the Large Lard wrapped his arm around an imaginary Military, as if he was embracing a loved one. I thought 'What a pig.'

Pig was a common term for hippies. Pig; the Man; straight and sell-out were all descriptions used by a young hipster or "Hippie" as Herb Caen coined the phrase. But I can't talk about Hippiedom without starting with Tim Leary.
The signed "Big Shot" photo poster is from a later 1967 sample package sent to his Millbrook N.Y. commune that was busted by the then District Attorney G. Gordon Liddy. The signature is from an even later S*M*I 2*L*E period. Written as and meaning "Space Migration Intelligence (Squared) Life Extension"
I only met Tim Leary once but our degrees of separation were small at different times.

To start, I have to Jump back to early Nineteen sixty-something.
I was playing football for the Connecticut "Huskies" under Lou Holtz.
The interesting thing about my career was the last game of season and of my career never got played. The game against Holy Cross was cancelled because the Kennedy assassination.
I was living in the town of Coventry, Conn. (as the way we abbreviated then).

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Week of the Hippie

A contributor to this blog and an information tech guy who helps out we dinosaures here at "Fat Bill and Me" are both involved with a documentary called "My Hippies." Caleb Clark, producer and John Coventry, general nutcake (one of the subjects) are having a free preview showing for "friends and family" (which all of you are) on Monday Aug. 22, at the Film Center, the home of the Santa Fe Film Festival.

----------------> INVITE <----------------------

"My Hippies" Free Friends and Family Screening.

I will be having a free friends and family screening of my documentary "My Hippies" at the Cinema Cafe, Monday August 22nd, at 7pm. Directions below.

The movie is 47 minutes long and about four people in my life who met on Haight Street in 1969, and then dropped out together in the city, and in communes. Includes original stills and old film footage owned by the subjects, as well as a psychedelic rock sound track of unreleased music from the time.

A tutorial on how the film was made can be found here

The four subjects of the film will be in attendance and it's primarily for them (and friends of the project) that I'm screening on the big screen. The subjects have not seen any drafts of the film.

I'd love to see you there and bring friends if you want.

Free friends and family screening
Monday, August 22nd
Cinema Cafe (Now known as The Film Center)
1616 St. Michael's Drive, in the St. Michael's Village West Shopping Center
Contact: Caleb Clark, 619-920-7999 |


Sunday, August 14, 2005


Governor Fat Bill Richardson has the richest mole in New Mexico.
An offical survey by the State shows that the most valuable mole in Santa Fe and the State, based on the percentage of body size times net worth, was Bill Richardson's MOLE.
It seems El MOLE de Richardson is worth (1/200 x $300,000.000.) 1.5 million dollars beating out a smaller mole on Oprah's ass valued at one million dollars

From the "Funny Times"... a blogtoon.

"New Mexico: Hurts So Good" copyright: John Coventry, Santa Fe, NM

Plaza Riot