Friday, September 16, 2005

Racism's ugly face

Street fight. Copyright Joe Samberg, Berkeley, CA

It had already been an oddly dense morning.
I walked artist-plaque walk in front of the Fine Arts Museum with Frankie. I had just finished spamming all the vending machines in front of City Hall with copies of Fat Bill and Me's "Certificate of Appreciation" from the 'Democratic Party of Santa Fe County' AND Frankie and I had found evidence of a bullet striking the Spitz Clock.

I wandered toward the 500 grand bandstand. I didn't have a weapon or my camera.

Let me say that impossibly my Wife, Steve Terrell and I all agree that from here on in it is not worth it to tell the story unless I got paid.

But fuck that racist bitch tour guide lawyer "historian." Elevating "Crypto-Jewish" culture within the early "settlers' as she marginalize with her portrayal as laughing-stock the local Hispanics and Catholics right in the middle of the Plaza.

Fifteen or twenty Jew(ish?) Fans listened and chuckled to her brilliant racist history of New Mexico.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hello Kitty is part Jewish

New Yorker mag.-toon

Hello Kitty's great great great gread great great Grandfather was the first Crypto-Jewish cat in New Mexico.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fat Bill as a demonic incantation

My mystical friend Nurse thought this years burn was the best. Nurse is a pagan and has been through many burns in many places. But to have a burn in the same location adds power to the "incantation." This year's Zozobra in the City of Holy Faith was good because there is such a need to "bring it on." To raise the evil to the surface or even better yet to it's inevitable conclusion.
Could Fat Bill be evil itself? Does it matter anyway?

Am I creating evil by seeing it?

Monday, September 12, 2005

COVIELLO for Governor of New Mexico AND Mayor of Santa Fe!

Fat Bill and Me has learned from a Rios Wood family member that Donado Coviello (second from left, as a boy) of Santa Fe will take out papers to run for Governor of New Mexico as a Democrat at the same time he, Coviello, will be running for Mayor of Santa Fe.

"If Governor Fat Bill Richardson is running Mayor Delgado the way I think he is..." Coviello said, "I'll just run against them both!"

It appears that Fat Bill told Santa Fe's Mayor del Jello to appoint the Governor's chippie to be Municipal Judge. Governor LARGE Lard with bad hair also told the narcolepetic mayor that he should run for a third term. Governor recently said, I don't think it looks like me."

Fat Bill put the fix in with Patti not to be a spoiler in the Mayor's race with a promise she'll gets to appoint her own replacement to the Council when the Governor gives the Lesbo-Demo a job.

The Mayor will get elected with the help of Fat Bill's piggy rich friends (Peter's and Gang). The rich players need to have the weak mayor in their pockets to get the new Convention Center/Community Center/Civic Center built. It was Mayor del Jello who is giving Santa Fe the new future BIG-Box Wal-Mart.

Fat Bill Richardson's autograph was posted on E-bay for a week with a $3.00 minimum bid. No one bid on it.