Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama Appoints Bill Richardson to Commerce Department Post

President-elect Obama has named Governor Bill Richardson to be Commerce Secretary. The selection ends speculation as to what Richardson pay-off would be for supporting Obama and delivering his State of New Mexico and helping to secure the Hispanic vote. And for this blog which has been mostly about Richardson as Governor of New Mexico it mean it may be time to think about a new focus.

Anti-Torture Bill
My view of Richardson changed for the better after speaking to him in person about his opposition to torture. And I predict right now the Republicans or someone in Washington who may not agree with Richardson's diplomatic approach to his new job and may also disagree with Richardson's State Department connections will derail this appointment as Secretary of Commerce.

The odd thing is I trust Richardson to be fair more than I trust Obama to be even-handed.

Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel's photo

In a Topix.com discussion about Rahm Emanuel most comments about his radical Zionist father Dr. Benjamin Emanuel have been deleted. Wikipedia has removed the page about about the early Israeli terrorist. A Google image search produced no photos of Benjamin Emanuel (Auerbach) even after his remarks about Arabs being floor cleaners.

There are many articles about the "Emanuel" (Auerbach) family and their ties to Irgun, the Israeli terror group. But very little mention in the national or mass media outlets.

Now I have to say, that my wife and I really supported Obama. She is Jewish and I am not. But from the moment Obama appointed Emanuel I knew that we would never again agree on anything political. Never.

It is sad because the only thing I wanted was for Obama to have an "even hand" in the Middle East. The only hope that I had was to predict that Lieberman (who my wife can't stand to look at) would keep his chairmanship which I thought would show how the fix was in and how it is going to be a bad time for progressive peace-loving fair-minded human citizens of the world. And sure enough, my prediction came true but it still didn't make any difference. We will never agree again ... at least when it comes to politics .

Israeli Police painting by Cove

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are Rahm Emanuel and Ben Ray Lujan lovers?

Oy vey, I want my money back.

For all the gelt I gave him and tsoriss I went through campaigning for him I now feel like a lokh in kop (hole in the head). Better I should have voted for the Goy.

I voted for the shvartz because I thought he was a mensch. I thought he would be glaykh (even) in the Holy Land and around the world. But his appointment of Rahm Emamuel was like a zetz to the kiska. Did you hear what his terrorist father, Benjamin Emanuel, called Arabs? FLOOR CLEANERS. Oy gavalt!

With the appointment of Axelrod, Emanuel and Ron Klain it seems the whole mishpocha is there and it also seems like it is “Gai kakhen afenyan” to the Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians and peace movement in Israel (delicately translated: go jump in the ocean).

And now it looks like we get a yenta (Clinton) for Sec. of State and a luftmensh for President. I think it is totally fercockt. What is Obama giving the Arab-Americans, the American Peace Movement, and the Latino-Americans? Gornisht!