Saturday, July 30, 2005

Let's get one thing straight Senator Lieberman... I AM CIRCUMCISED!

Spanish Market

Jill and Steve Moya

Edward Gonzales... paintings and fans

Luis Rodriguez, weaver at "Tapetes de Lana", Las Vegas Weaving Center.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Art Friday

"Yelsky Mountain, New Mexico" ...Copyright: Cove, Santa Fe New Mexico

"Getting Along at the Fairground Flea Market, Albuquerque, New Mexico"...Copyright Cove, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Live Long and Prosper In the Southwest" Copyright: Cove Santa Fe, New Mexico.

" Santa Fe Younger Sister" Copyright: Cove, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Southern New Mexico Truck. Copyright Jack Sinclair, Santa Fe, NM.

New Mexico Road Stop. Copyright: Jack Sinclair, Santa Fe, NM.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Under the Radar

I'm sick and tired of hearing that snivelling weasel Eric Zipf of Community TV always take the politically correct line. He's always justifying the lack of support from the city for making the local TV channel a mega power for free speech and expression. This is an example of a conversation I had with him over lunch, which I paid for by the way...

Me: What about equipment?

Him: The city has assured me that we are high on their priority list and that we'll be able to order new cameras very soon.

Me: When did they tell you that?

Him: Time doesn't matter here. I know that the city has our best interest in mind.

Me: When's the last time the station had a budget increase from the city?

Him: Like I said, it's not a question of how long ago. They have been providing me an excellent learning opportunity to be able to provide more and more services each year for the same amount of money.

Me: How do you respond when the reactionary Commie slugs who are on city council claim not to be aware of what you guys do and threaten to cut off your funding.

Him: Now, now. City Council has to set and keep their priorities for the best interests of the whole city. If that means we don't get funded and council decides to instead provide funding to the "community" radio station, who am I to question it?

Me: Funding for community radio?

Him: A few years ago, I did a lot of work on behalf of the city to secure an increase of cable television franchise fees. Franchise fees are a "pass through" that the cable company passes on to subscribers for additional services like public access television. It's probably listed on cable television monthly bills as PEG ACCESS SUPPORT. I think it is an $.11 fee per subscriber per month. Anyway, if the city chooses to use money that is gathered specifically for access television and fund "community radio", they have their reasons and don't have to explain it to me...

Finally, Zipf looks like he's getting fat. I think living off the public dime is agreeing with him. All I know is that he ordered a LARGE Frito Pie that set me back $6.95 when all I had was a dried out hamburger that was on $3 bucks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fat Bill: Santa Fe's Best Supporter of Torture

Fat Bill Richardson has made the cover of "The Santa Fe Torture" and been awarded the 'BEST Supporter of Torture' title by the Mossad run newspaper. To the Governor's delight he was pesented with a cake baked by the guards at Abu Ghraib. Fat Bill said, "I love food and I love Torture. Gracias!"


5/21/05 From: Doug Doran
To:Tom Udall, Capitol Hill LHOB 1414, Washington, D.C. 20515
Subj.: Harm to mental heath caused by war.
Rep. Udall,
Given your concerns about mental health of Iraqi vets, would your concern include the mental health of the girl in the picture above? Her father drove a taxi but he died. He was tortured to death by U.S. military personel.
I'd like to meet with you for fifteen minutes to discuss this little girl's loss and it's possible effects on her mental health. Do you think you could find the time to do that with me, Tom? I know its pretty deep for you, Tom. But do you think you could give it a try?

Doug Doran


From: Doug Doran

To: Lieutenant Stan Mascarenas

Professional Standards
Santa Fe Police Department
2515 Camino Entrada
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507-0909

Subject: Police Assault Allegation and Inquiry of 4/30/05. Request Your Status Report.

Dear Lieutenant Mascarenas,

I'm writing to follow-up on the results of the review you gave my concern.

What I saw was an officer of the SFPD, 25 to 35 years old I'd say, of athletic condition, overbuilt, about my height, 5' 10' maybe a little taller, short dark hair, (I) didn't get a good look at his face, (the officer) violently and unprovoked shove an impaired (defensless) young women, face first-first down onto the median (formed concrete) and drag her a couple of feet before picking her up from behind by her arms, (then) walking her to the car she was apparently a passenger in and putting handcuffs on her. This is the gist of what I witnessed.

I believe there has been ample time to look into this serious matter and I'd like very much for you to do your best to help bring this matter to a resolve which I'm sure is your intent based on our conversation during our first meeting several weeks ago.

I look forward to hearing from you on this.

Sincerely Yours,
Doug Doran

Copies to :
Chief Beverly Lennen, SFPD
Mike Lujan, City Manager
Those Concerned

Doug Doran


Santa Fe's Public Access TV Director, Eric Zipf, is not an employee of the City of Santa Fe as stated in this blog (7/26/05). He is actually an employee of the Community College but his salary is funded by the City. Sorry Eric.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Governor Fat Bill Richardson of New Mexico, rich pro-military DINO (Democrat In Name Only) has never spoken the words Abu Ghraib. That alone would make me think he was a spook. He's so important he's paranoid. He's got thin skin. He can't take a political punch. He doesn't need the job of Governor. He pays people to write his jokes for him. He uses race as a weapon. And he like his white people to be passive. Spooky.

Staff at the Santa Fe Reporter

The women staff members of the Santa Fe Reporter.

The Reporter: Middle Class Sex, Jewish Humor and Julia Goldberg.

Danny Cabeza de Calabazo use to be a pain in the ass Public Access TV producer. Now he’s a blogger.
A bunch straight press and alternative press people don’t like him and the sell-out media likes Danny even less. The local government really doesn’t like him.

The thing about Danny’s thing is that it has nothing to do with money.

Terrell and Goldberg get paid to do what leads to their blog. Terrell writes for pay about music and politics. He has a radio show on “Community” radio. Julia Goldberg, editor of the Reporter, a for profit newspaper, also does a Public Access TV show with Eric Zipf. Eric is on City Government payroll and both “community” radio and TV station are located at and because of the good graces of the Community College (with certain RULES of course).

I wouldn’t give a crap what Julia Goldberg had to say if she wasn’t funny sometimes.

Sometimes it helps to read other people’s blog even if they’re frustrated over hill hip-hop political sell-outs. But being Jewish Julia is funny about almost anything except being Jewish. For me, sometimes being funny about what you are is possibly anyone’s only saving grace.
This is what Julia had to say about her TV show and City employee Zipf:

“I don't think I sounded half, even a quarter, as smart during our morning taping of 7 Days in Santa Fe, the public access TV show I cohost with Eric Zipf, the funniest man in public access show biz. Well, you can catch it today, Sunday and Monday at 5:30 pm, Ch. 16 if you are so inclined.”

I worry about the inherent conflicts of interest. I want convergence of media but not by for profit news gatherers and government.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

FAT BILL SAFE! Photo of Governor in Capitol Bunker.

Governor Fat Bill Richardson, Rep. "Strange-Love" Lujan, Santa's Self-appointed Mayor Coss, and Councilor Hiedi Heldmeyer Minister of Final Solution.

LOS ALAMOS NUKED: Last Photo of Santa Fe Special Edition!

Santa Fe NM: today.....Danny Cabeza de Calabazo reports that Los Alamos Labs, the victim of a recent corporate take over, blew itself up today. "I can see the shock wave coming to.....